How to Make a Valentines Day Inspired Pancake Board – this & that

How to Make a Valentines Day Inspired Pancake Board – this & that

This board is SO cute! And surprisingly simple to put together.

First, I chose three main elements for this breakfast board: pancakes, bacon, & fruit. Then I put a Valentine’s Day themed twist on each element. Plain pancakes are turned into Pink Ombre Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Bacon is now Candied Bacon. And for the fruit, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries were a must.

First Recipe to Make: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are way too easy to make. Only four ingredients & 20 minutes stand between you & an army of decadent little berries. You’ll quickly find excuses to make more of them because why not?!

Strawberries that have been dipped in semi-sweet chocolate & have stripes of drizzled white chocolate over the brown chocolate.  They are set apart on parchment paper to allow the chocolate to set.

Note: these take time to set. You may want to make these the day before you plan to eat them.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Stephanie Ralya

Easy & fast dessert idea with only 4 ingredients. Great for Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day gifts too!

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Total Time 20 mins

Course Dessert

Cuisine American

  • 20 Strawberries whole
  • 3/4 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1/4 cup White Chocolate Chips
  • 2 t Coconut Oil
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

  • Wash the strawberries & pat dry.

  • Add the semi-sweet chocolate chips to a bowl with 1 1/2 t coconut oil. Microwave in 30 second increments until half of the chips are melted. Stir with a spoon until the rest have melted.

  • Dip the strawberries in the chocolate, either by holding the top around the greens or by inserting a toothpick or skewer into the core. Let any excess chocolate drip back into the bowl. Lay the strawberry on the parchment paper & repeat until all strawberries have been covered in chocolate.

  • Combine the white chocolate with the remaining 1/2 t of coconut oil. Microwave in 30 second increments until half of the chips are melted. Stir with a spoon until the rest have melted.

  • Using your spoon, take a spoonful of chocolate & drizzle it in thin lines over the strawberries while they rest on the tray. I like to practice right in the bowl first so I get the feel for how fast to go back & forth. Start your drizzle on the parchment paper and then zig zag across the strawberry – there will always be a big glob at first.

  • Let the chocolate set at room temp for about 30 minutes. If you’re in a hurry, you can put them in the fridge for 10 minutes.

  • Enjoy!

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Second Recipe: Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon is also VERY easy to make. It only takes about 5 minutes of hands on work & then you are rewarded with a perfect blend of sweet & spicy savory goodness.

This recipe was a little spicy for my kids, but if you cut back on the cayenne & the white pepper by half it should be perfect for kids & adults alike. All of the adults loved it as written! If you’re a little timid about spicy foods, please give the full strength spice a try! The sweetness from the sugar really balances the spice well & it’s not as intense as it would normally be.

Candied Bacon

Stephanie Ralya

Quick & easy recipe to level up your bacon! Great for holidays or charcuterie platters, brunches or breakfast for dinner.

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 25 mins

Total Time 30 mins

Course Breakfast, Side Dish

Cuisine American

  • 1 lb Bacon premium or thick cut preferred
  • 1/2 cup Light Brown Sugar lightly packed
  • 1/2 t Cinnamon ground
  • 1/2 t Chili Powder
  • 1/4 t Chipotle or Cayenne Powder chipotle = mild; cayenne = medium/hot
  • 1/4 t White Pepper ground, 1/8 t = mild
  • Preheat oven to 375 F. Line a baking sheet with tin foil & place a cooling rack on top of the foil.

  • In a small dish, combine the brown sugar & spices together. Coat the bacon with the brown sugar mix on both sides. Gently shake off any excess sugar. Lay the bacon flat on the cooling rack & repeat with all strips.

  • Bake for 25 minutes, until bacon is cooked through & starting to crisp on the edges. Your bacon may take more or less time to cook based on the thickness & your preferred doneness.

  • Enjoy!

  • Do not put bacon on a paper towel lined plate to cool!  It will be very sticky.  Use parchment paper, a silicone mat, or leave right on the cooling rack.

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Third Recipe: Pink Ombre Pancakes

Pink Ombre Pancakes are super easy to make but they do take a little bit of time in the kitchen. Really not much different from your regular pancake making process – the main difference is that you’ll be adding food coloring in every few batches.

Pink Ombre Pancakes with Mini Chocolate Chips

Stephanie Ralya

Valentine’s Day inspired pancakes with a little extra sweetness.

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 25 mins

Total Time 30 mins

Course Breakfast

Cuisine American

  • 4 c Aunt Maple’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • 2 c Filtered Water
  • 1 c Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Pink Food Coloring
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Mix the pancake mix & water together until just combined. Gently add the chocolate chips in.

  • Heat a large skillet over low-medium heat. Add butter or non-stick spray. Using 1/4 cup measuring cup, scoop out pancakes one at a time & add to the hot skillet. Flip pancakes when edges look dry & they have bubbled up. You can test it by sliding the corner of your spatula under the edge – if it lifts up easily it is ready to flip. Cook on the second side until they easily release from the pan & set aside to keep warm. (I put them in the oven on the lowest heat possible.)

  • After you’ve made about 4 pancakes of the regular batter, add 2 drops of pink food coloring. Mix gently to evenly spread the color. Make 4 pancakes that are light pink. You may want to lower the heat a bit so they don’t brown as much. Repeat this process, adding 2 drops of food coloring after every 4 pancakes to get darker pink each time.

  • After about 3 or 4 rounds of adding pink, once you’re towards the end of your pancake batter, add the red food coloring to the mix to get a deep, rich pink tone. If the mix is looking flat & liquidy, add 1/2 cup of pancake batter & 1/4 cup of water to the bowl to fluff it back up.

  • Keep all of the pancakes warm until they are finished. Now you have several shades from regular tan pancakes to light pink & all the way to bright pink.

  • Serve with Maple Syrup or Whip Cream & enjoy!

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Other ideas to include on a pancake board…

  • Butter, sliced for individual use
  • Fresh fruit
  • Small jars or bowls with yogurt for parfaits
  • Scrambled or boiled eggs
  • Cooked breakfast sausage
  • And this one might sound weird, but baked beans are a great option too!

Did you try any of these recipes?? I cannot wait to hear how is turns out! Please tell me all about how it goes! I really appreciate all of your feedback & I love seeing your creations! Please leave a review & comment. And don’t forget to take a quick pic of your creation & tag This & That on Instagram or Facebook.

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