Cute Easter Bunny Pancakes With Panna Cotta/ Milk Pudding 可爱小兔奶冻煎饼 【复活节小兔】

Cute Easter Bunny Pancakes With Panna Cotta/ Milk Pudding 可爱小兔奶冻煎饼 【复活节小兔】

Happy Easter! I’ve made this lop-eared Easter bunny pancake for the kid’s breakfast, the bunny paws are Panna Cotta which is a creamy and sweet Italian milk pudding, pairing with pancakes is truly an indulgence! 


30g Water 水 30克

2 tsp Gelatin Powder 吉利丁粉 2小匙

160g Whipping Cream 动物性鲜奶油 160克

140g Fresh Milk 鲜奶 140克

45g Sugar 细砂糖 45克

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Method: 步骤:

1. Add water to a bowl, and add the gelatin powder, set aside for 10 minutes.

2. Heat up the remaining ingredients in a saucepan until sugar dissolved (do not boil). 

3. Turn off heat, stir in (1) until gelatin fully dissolved.

4. Pour into pudding mold and keep in the refrigerator once cooled. Let it chill until set, 4 hours or longer. Cook the pancake following the recipe, and serve the pancakes with panna cotta. Enjoy! Note: add some cocoa powder if making the paw design.

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