Cooking classes at Gibsons and UBC Farm


Gibsons Public Market June 23rd 1:00-3:30pm $85/person (GST included)

  • Chirashi Zushi  (Chirashi Zushi” means ‘scattered sushi’ because all the delicious toppings are scattered or strewn over the rice just before serving.)
  • Authentic Miso soup
  • Green beans Gomaae

In this 2 1/2 hours hands on class, you will learn how to make fundamental components of popular Japanese dishes such as dashi stock and sushi rice, which can be used in a wide variety of other dishes such as miso soup, sushi rolls or my family favourite: chirashizushi.  And yes! One of very popular side dishes, Gomaae!

Gibsons Public Market (Kids class) July 14th 12:00-2:00pm $69/child (GST included)

  • Caterpillar sushi roll using avocado and cucumber
  • Temari sushi balls, round sushi with colorful topping

In this 2 hours hands on class, you will make your own cute caterpillar roll and temari sushi balls with colorful toppings sushi as cucumber, radish, avocado, pepper and more!

This is a very fun and educational cooking class and is a great opportunity for everyone to learn cooking and a few Japanese words!

Please contact us at to book your spot!

Japanese fermentation series at UBC Farm $45/guest (+GST)

  • Making Shio koji September 26th 6-8:30pm
  • Japanese pickles October 24th 6-8:30pm
  • Cooking with Sake kasu November 21st 6-8:30pm

Please check to register!


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