22 Best Vegan Mushroom Recipes

collage of 4 of the recipes from the mushroom roundup with text title overlay.

You’ll love these vegan mushroom recipes! Mushrooms are delicious and nutritious and are the spotlight of many plant-based meals! They are flavorful and add a meaty texture to many dishes like stroganoff, stew, vegan wellington, and soups! 

collage of 4 of the recipes from the mushroom roundup with text title overlay.

Mushrooms are a low-calorie food full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. There are wide varieties of mushrooms that you can find year-round and some wild mushrooms like chanterelles that you will see at the farmers’ markets and grocery stores in the late summer and fall. 

Top Mushrooms Available All Year

There are a mixture of mushrooms used in the recipes below. These mushrooms are the most common mushrooms available year-round.

  • White Button Mushrooms: These are common mushrooms you’ll find at most grocery stores. They have a very mild flavor and pair well with most dishes. 
  • Crimini Mushroom aka Baby Bellas: This mushroom is a young portobello and is slightly more favorable than white button mushrooms.
  • Portobello Mushrooms: These dense and flavorful mushrooms have a rich flavor and are perfect in Italian dishes. This mushroom can grow very large and can be used as a bun substitute. 
  • Shiitake Mushrooms: These Japanese mushrooms are identified by their umbrella-shaped brown caps. Fresh shiitakes have a light earthy flavor and aroma. They taste best sautéed with veggies or in stir-frys.

Mushrooms are one of my favorite vegetables and taste incredible in so many dishes. Below you’ll find 22 of the best vegan mushroom recipes from around the web! These dishes are so tasty and are incredible healthy recipes to add to your weekly menu!

22 Vegan Mushroom Recipes

Portobello Mushroom Fajitas by This Healthy Kitchen

Portobello mushroom fajitas with crisp bell peppers and onion are loaded with all your favorite toppings for your next Taco Tuesday! The homemade fajita seasoning delivers a big flavor, and these are guaranteed to please a crowd. Add black beans for added protein.

Check out this recipe

three mushroom fajitas in a taco holder with ingredients placed around.
Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup by My Quiet Kitchen

Velvety smooth and so flavorful, this vegan cream of mushroom soup is one worth savoring! Made with both fresh and dried mushrooms, garlic, and rosemary. 

Check out this recipe

vegan cream of mushroom soup in a bowl on a wooden board.
Oyster Mushroom Stir Fry with Broccoli by Vegan Punks

King Oyster mushrooms in a stir fry that takes just 20 minutes to make and is so delicious. With a rich, peanutty, umami stir fry sauce, it will be a hit.

Check out this recipe

peanut butter stir fry on a white plate on a kitchen towel.
Vegan Mushroom Burgundy by The VGN Way

Your family may not be able to get enough of this one-pot rich and creamy mushroom burgundy. Made with tender baby Portabella mushrooms, carrots, and shallots and sautéed in a rich red wine sauce and served over creamy mashed potatoes. 

Check out this recipe

mushroom burgundy on top of mashed potatoes on a plate.
Vegan Mushroom Pasta by Simple Sumptuous Cooking

This creamy vegan mushroom and broccoli pasta is a delicious and easy dinner that everyone in your family will love.

Check out this recipe

overhead of mushroom and broccoli pasta in a black bowl with two forks behind it.
Mushroom Burgers by Spabettie

These mushroom burgers are super flavorful and work with all kinds of burger toppings. Make them part of your weekly meal prep for easy lunches and dinners.

Check out this recipe

mushroom burger with toppings on a bun on a white plate.
Vegan Mushroom Soup by Rescue Dog Kitchen

This vegan mushroom soup is easy to make, and it’s ready in 25 minutes! A combination of hearty mushrooms, white wine, full-fat coconut milk, vegan butter, and vegetable broth are used to make this creamy and delicious soup! This soup makes for a great main dish or a healthy side dish served along with a vegan healthy dinner.

Check out this recipe

vegan mushroom soup in a bowl with a spoon to the left of it.
Instant Pot Mushroom Stew by Delightful Adventures

This vegan mushroom stew is an easy meal you can make on the stovetop or in your Instant Pot. It’s a delicious, warm, and hearty meal filled with mushrooms and veggies and comes together with simple ingredients.

Check out this recipe

mushroom stew in a white bowl with rolls and another bowl behind it.
Marinated Mushroom with Veggie Wild Rice by Veggie Fun Kitchen

Savory mushrooms marinated in an oil-free delicious sauce with balsamic vinegar served over a bed of vegetables and wild rice. This savory, hearty dish is sure to please as a side dish or main course for your plant-based meal.

Check out this recipe

ovherhead of wild rice with mushrooms in a bowl on a kitchen towel.
Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms by My Quiet Kitchen

These vegan stuffed mushrooms are perfect when you need a quick and easy appetizer. They’re tender, cheesy, simple, and gluten-free, too!

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front view of stuffed mushrooms on parchment paper on a baking sheet.
Vegan Mushroom Stew by Spabettie

This mushroom stew has all of the classic comfort food flavors you know and love. A favorite recipe that will keep you warm all winter long and is loved by veggie lovers and meat eater folks! 

Check out this recipe

front view of vegan mushroom stew in a bowl with mashed potatoes.
Mushroomo Pho Soup by The VGN Way

This umami flavor packed and easy-to-make mushroom pho soup recipe is made with hearty portobello and flavor-packed shiitake mushrooms; for the most delicious rich vegan broth-based soup you’ve ever tried, seriously

Check out this recipe

overhead of two bowls of pho soup with two spoons bheind them.
Mushroom Zucchini Pasta by This Healthy Kitchen

Tender spaghetti with summer squash and mushrooms in a light, creamy sauce that’s ready in just 30 minutes! This easy mushroom zucchini pasta is filled with flavor, delicious, fresh produce, and just a hint of spice.

Check out this recipe

overhead of mushroom and zucchini pasta in a white bowl.
Mushroom Risotto by Veggies Don’t Bite

Rich and creamy vegan mushroom risotto the whole family will love! It’s so easy to make with my quick risotto tips. 

Check out this recipe

overhead of vegan mushroom risotto in a blue dish with a fork in it.
Mushroom Biryani by Vegan Punks

A curry house classic that takes just 40 minutes to make. Packed with flavor, yet without any fuss. Totally delicious, especially when served with a yummy biryani gravy.

Check out this recipe

overhead of mushroom biryani in a white bowl with garnishes around.
Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff by Strength and Sunshine

Skip the beef stroganoff and try this vegan mushroom stroganoff instead! Creamy and hearty, this satisfying meatless dinner is gluten-free, dairy-free, allergy-free, and made in 1 pot with just 8 ingredients! Serve this healthy recipe over your favorite gluten-free pasta, rice, or potatoes for some quick and simple comfort food your family will love! This is one of my favorite vegan mushroom stroganoff recipes!

Check out this recipe

mushroom stroganoff on top of noodles in a white bowl.
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms by Our Plant Based World

Stuffed mushrooms are always a hit at parties, and these stuffed portobello mushrooms are no exception! Packed with flavorful sun-dried tomatoes, celery, and vegan cheesy goodness, these mushrooms are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Check out this recipe

overhead of stuffed mushrooms on a plate with tomatoes around.
Mushroom Tom Yum Soup by Green Bowl 2 Soul

Mushroom tom yum soup is a light Thai soup full of refreshing flavors. It’s very easy to make and gets ready quickly. This vegan Thai mushroom soup uses cremini mushrooms and a variety of fresh herbs to create this tasty dish. 

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vegan tom yum soup in a white bowl with a white spoon scooping some out.
Mushroom Crostini by Happy Kitchen

This festive vegan mushroom crostini recipe is an easy and impressive appetizer perfect for holidays. A crunchy baguette with grilled vegan mozzarella topped with sweet caramelized onions and mushrooms with a hint of balsamic and Dijon mustard will surely be a show stopper.

Check out this recipe

slices of mushroom crostini on a baking sheet.
Vegan Wellington by Plant.Well

Deliciously crisp puff pastry filled with mushrooms, onion, spinach, garlic, rice, and fresh thyme. The mushrooms in this recipe have a meaty texture, and this dish is perfect for mushroom lovers. This is the best vegan mushroom wellington recipe ever and is a beautiful plant-based main dish!

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vegan mushroom wellington on a white serving dish.
Vegan Mushroom Gravy by Homemade in the Kitchen

Vegan Mushroom Gravy is easy from scratch homemade gravy recipe made with mushrooms, onion, and garlic. This gravy is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter meals.

Check out this recipe

vegan mushroom gravy in a blue serving bowl with spoon in the front of it.
Mushroom and Lentil Pie by This Healthy Kitchen

This wholesome mushroom and lentil pie is a vegan and gluten-free twist on shepherd’s pie! Featuring a bed of lentils, mushrooms, and a mirepoix of veggies in a rich and full-bodied gravy. Then topped with creamy mashed potatoes!

Check out this recipe

mushroom and lentil pie in a white casserole dish after baking.

I hope you enjoy these vegan mushroom recipes. Many of them make a great weeknight dinner or make the perfect side dish to accompany your meals. I like to add sautéed mushrooms to my Avocado Toast, Roasted Spaghetti Squash, my favorite pasta dishes!

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